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About us

   Sea Food Ltd. was founded in 2002 in Burgas, Bulgaria. The main activity of the company is catching and processing of topshells from Black sea (known as Rapana Thomasiana, Rapana venosa, common name the veined rapa whelk or Asian rapa whelk) as well as fish processing and trading. In 2008 we built a brand new processing factory in Burgas, qualified in accordance with all European standards and registered as a producer in the EU under No.BG0213032EO. This investment was made in order to achieve the maximum quality for our products because our main goals are HIGH QUALITY and MAXIMUM HONESTY towards our partners.

   From the very beginning of Sea Food Ltd. we have worked successfully with over 10 partners in Turkey, Greece and Romania. Over the past two years the company has developed very well in catching top shells and processing / trading with its meat and now we have partners in East Asia as well.

   Our main goals are to be completely honest towards our longtime partners and to CREATE new partnerships with our high quality products and competitive prices.